The Mouth-Body Connection

The Bale Doneen Method™

"Heart attacks and ischemic strokes are preventable, but it takes more than medicine’s current standard of care. It takes the superior care of the Bale Doneen Method."

Seeking to better treat our patients, Dr. Hosking and Sue attended the Bale Doneen Preceptorship in Nashville, TN in 2015.  This two day intensive training session hosts medical providers of all specialties, focusing on preventative and interceptive medicine.  One might ask themselves how dental fits into a medical preceptorship; the connection between chronic oral inflammation and systemic conditions is overwhelming.  According to research 50-70% of Americans have periodontal disease,  making it one of the most prevelent chronic diseases; patients with periodontal disesease have a 25% higher incidence of coronary artery disease.  Our goal as a staff, is to reduce the risk of systemic conditions being impacted by chronic oral inflammation.  We look at detailed medical histories for red flags that our patients may present with, take blood pressure at every appointment, and treat periodontal disease at its earliest stages.