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Preference Dental is proud to showcase our latest technology that will impress just about anyone! It is called Cerec Bluecam and is a CAD/CAM based technology to build crowns and restorations onsite while you are in the chair. No more sticky impressions that have to stay in your mouth for three to five minutes. We take an optical impression using our bluecam camera to create digital models of your teeth, and how they fit together. We then use the software to design and build a new tooth, custom, to fit your mouth.




The design is sent via wireless link to our milling unit, called the MCXL, where your new restoration is ground from a solid block of ceramic. We choose the block of porcelain based upon the shade and strength needed to make your tooth look and function appropriately. Simply clamp the ceramic block in place and press the start button. The twin-bur machining system has proved itself time and time again in practical applications. The CEREC MC XL milling unit machines the ceramic restorations gently, yet with the utmost precision.


Once your restoration is done milling, unique color customization can begin. Emax restorations must be crystallized in the oven and cooled which doubles the strength of the original block of porcelain. Empress restorations can be customized and baked in the oven, or hand polished. These restorations are not cemented as we used to do. Instead, we bond the restorations in place. This provides greater strength, better color, conservative tooth preparations, and the ability to eat and drink right away after your appointment! The best part, you do not have to wear a temporary for 2-3 weeks, and come back for a second visit to place the final restoration! Its all done in one visit!

The future of Cerec in our office will be integrating guided implant surgery and milling custom guide plates to place implants precisely. The Cerec will be able to mill final crowns for a beautifully restored implant.

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