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Individualized Care - Modular Therapy

Think about a 4 inch cut on the arm that is bleeding, would you be concerned?  Of course you would!  The surface area of the gums surrounding the teeth is equal to more than a three inch cut on the arm.  Now you understand why our dentists and staff are so concerned when we see bleeding in the mouth.  We have found that individualized patient treatment is what works best; targeted periodontal therapy is what we will discuss below.  This specific type of periodontal therapy pinpoints the bacteria that contribute to, a chronic infection of the mouth, periodontal disease.  If bleeding is present in the mouth we know that this is not normal. You can find this individualized care at both our Big Rapids and Mecosta office! 

Pain Free Dentistry in Big Rapids and Mecosta
Dentists in Big Rapids and Mecosta, MI

Taken at first appointment where measurements were performed without scaling.  We then discussed that we would like to take a saliva sample to see what bacteria were contributing to this inflammation.

These red bacteria are some of the really bad guys.  Pg/Tf/Td are associated with heart disease and diabetes.  The red line is an average for the body's ability to fight off inflammation and destruction in the mouth.  Levels above or around that line are considered very high and need to be treated.

The orange bacteria are associated with pre-term, low-birth weight babies and heart attack.  

The green bacteria are associated with respiratory issues and diabetes

Taken after first therapy appointment.  We use an ultrasonic scaler as well as hand instruments with an antibacterial rinse.  Today we discussed the results of the saliva test and dispensed the recommended antibiotic.  The patient also went home with an electric toothbrush and waterflosser to help reduce plaque and inflammation.

After Periodontal Therapy

These were taken two weeks after the above photos.  At this appointment we used the ultrasonic scaler with an antibacterial rinse.  It is obvious that the tissue is no longer red, swollen, and only light bleeding.  The patient stated that they had noticed a huge difference in the feeling of their gums and no bleeding when brushing or flossing!

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