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It seems as if summer went by in the blink of an eye and, ready or not, the school bells are ringing. Kids are back in to their classrooms and busy schedules. While this time can be overwhelming, don't let your child's oral health get put on the back burner. Research shows that poor oral health can lead to, "missed school days, poor school performance, can cause problems with eating and getting the proper nutrition to grow into a healthy adult, and can even effect speech and sleep." Start the school year off right and get your child into a healthy oral care routine.

1. Make sure to get a good nights sleep. Research shows that poor sleep can contribute to decreased performance in academics and increased behavioral and attention issues. Below is a helpful chart to see how much sleep is recommended for your child.

2. Create a fun brushing and flossing routine. Sticker charts and rewards are an exciting way for kids to keep track of their oral health routine. Kids love to mimic what their parents do, make sure they see you brushing and flossing also.

3. Limit sugars and acids. It can sometimes be difficult to get children, especially toddlers, to eat full meals. Snacking can become an issue if the right snacks aren't provided for your little ones. While crackers and gummies might taste good, these foods tend to become trapped between the teeth and release sugars and acids; leading to tooth decay. Try to choose healthy snack options such as fruits, vegetables, and cheese. Water is best and essential to a healthy body, try to limit juices and milk to meal times only.

4. Create a dental home for preventative care and restorative needs. Routine dental appointments allow our trusted staff to educate your child on proper oral health and help them to perfect their techniques. Coming in to see us at least twice a year also familiarizes your little ones with our office and staff. If dental needs arise we can catch them early and minimize traumatic experiences and dental costs. With 40 years of dental experience, you can trust your little ones with us!

We hope you have a wonderful start to the school year! Make sure to be on the lookout for our 2nd annual school supply give-a-way coming soon!

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