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To all of our patients - I'd like to share a personal story.

I would like to share a personal story with you. Every day we have patients ask us "Why are you asking me about how I sleep at night?" .....well here is a good example why.

My sister had a heart attack a month ago, at the age of 55. In our conversation she was telling me she doesn't sleep well. I asked her if she discussed this with her cardiologist and MD. She stated yes and that they prescribed her a sleeping pill (ambien). I then asked her if they did a sleep study. Her response was no. I immediately told her she needed to request one.

The Doctors complied and she did a Home Sleep Study (HST). Her results came back and it showed she had stopped breathing 408 times in 7 hours! That comes out to an average of about 58 times per hour!! For someone to be diagnosed with severe sleep apnea they would need to stop breathing at least 30 times per hour. So needless to say she has SEVERE obstructive sleep apnea and she is now on a cpap machine.

She never did take her sleeping pill because of the side effects. Thank God she didn't because she would have died. She called me crying saying "You saved my life! Why didn't my MD and Cardiologist know this?" I simply replied that some physicians give out pills to cover up problems, rather than fix them.

So next time you are in our office and one of us asks how you sleep at night, you will know why! Our office has helped many patients find out if they in deed have a sleep issue. We can help detect symptoms of a possible sleep issue that physicians don't necessarily see. If there is a concern we can order a HST. View our page about sleep medicine for more information.



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