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If you have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and are interested in an oral sleep appliance please click on the link below to register in our Medical Billing Software program. This takes you through a series of questionnaires to help us through our exam process. ​​


You may have been directed to this page to complete the registration and questionnaires even if you haven't had a diagnosis of OSA.  This will help us better determine your needs. You can have a snoring issue with no diagnosis of OSA and we can make appliances for that as well. 

The links below you will use once we have provided you with an oral sleep appliance.  After we deliver your appliance it's important to follow up on the progress every 3 weeks or so for the first few months.  Once you are comfortable with the device and feel that it is working we will then have you complete a follow up sleep study to prove that the appliance is doing it's job.  If the results are satisfactory then you are placed on a yearly recall to make sure the appliance is in good condition and working properly. Before your visit in the office click on the link below for the long term follow-up.

If you have lost your home care instructions for your device you may re-print 

them here.  

The image to the right shows some of the different oral sleep appliances

available. Through the exam process our Doctors and yourself will decide

which appliance would work best. 

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