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Whether you are looking to eat healthier, exercise more, or change your attitude about life, all of these changes impact your total body health. Everyone strives to feel and look better, often searching for life's quick fixes. What if improving your total body health started with your mouth, the gateway to the body?

Our Dental Team has been searching for a way in which we can help our patients achieve better health. Now we know that by improving oral health, our patients can improve how they feel overall. For many years, researchers have been linking total body health to the health of the mouth; heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, pre-term low birth weight babies, and Alzheimer's are just a few of the associated issues. The bacteria in our mouth are able to jump on a "Learjet" of sorts straight to the bloodstream and the different organs in the body when bleeding is present. Bleeding gums are the fastest way for these bacteria to poorly impact the health of your body.

By visiting our Preference Dental Team, you are taking the first step towards Total Body Wellness. Utilizing technology that directly impacts the bacteria in the mouth by identifying it and lowering the total count, our team strives to better the Total Body Health of our patients. We also gather thorough medical and dental wellness histories, take blood pressure at all appointments, utilize pre-rinses to reduce bacteria aerosols during dental procedures, and have the ability to pre-screen for sleep disordered breathing.

It takes an entire wellness team to help our patients achieve their goals; Dentists, Physicians, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Phycologists, Personal Trainers, etc. all have an integral job to helping individuals achieve a healthy status. We look forward to working with the trusted medical professionals in your life to help you attain your health goals and Total Body Wellness.


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