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Dental Discount Plan

Many of you may not have dental insurance, truth is, it may not even be worth the money.  If you have it offered to you through an employer it's a great benefit. However, with most dental plans you are paying a premium (avg. $300/yr) which only gets you a maximum dollar amount of usually $1,000 - $2,000 per year. The majority of people under-utilize it.  If you go only twice a year for your cleanings, and don't have many other dental needs you are likely paying more in premiums and out of pockets costs then you are getting in return. They pay a percentage of the fee and once you use your maximum allowed you'll pay 100% of your costs after that. Keep in mind your two annual cleanings that are "included" in a plan count toward your maximum. In some circumstances you are also limiting your care. Many of the best dental practices don't accept insurance at all. We do "accept" insurance but we do not "participate" with any insurance company. We are considered Out of Network with all insurance plans.  We submit your claim and accept the payments but whatever insurance does not cover you are responsible for.  You can see our Financial Policy for more information. 

This is why we have created our own Dental Discount Plan that patients who do not have insurance coverage can utilize. Both our Mecosta and Big Rapids office offer this Dental Discount Plan. 

Benefits of our dental plan include:

-No annual maximum!      -No deductibles!

-Your premiums go directly toward your preventative care!

-No wondering if your ‘insurance’ will pay towards your treatment!

-No waiting period…You can start your treatment today!

-15% Discount on Restorative needs - Cosmetic, Orthodontic, Laser Dentistry and Implant dentistry are included!

-No ID card or group numbers needed! All your membership information will be kept in your electronic patient chart.

-No preexisting conditions to exclude your coverage

-We accept cash, check and all major credit cards for membership payments, sorry no care credit.

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