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Look Younger with a Whiter Smile

With fall approaching and our tans are starting to fade, we want to make sure our teeth stay pearly white through the long winter season. We all strive to have the perfect white smiles, this can be made easier by simply maintaining a diet with foods that keep our teeth healthy and white.

Fruits such as strawberries, despite the red color, are a great source of malic acid that can help remove some of the surface tooth discoloration, leading to a brighter white smile. Strawberries are a great breakfast snack, they can be added to cereal, salads, even desserts. By simply adding strawberries to your diet, you are improving the overall whiteness of your teeth.

Onions although not always the best on your breath, improve the whiteness on your teeth. With their strong sulfur compounds, it prevents plaque from sticking on the teeth and causing buildup. It often times make you want to brush your teeth more frequently from the strong scent. Onions are great in many meals, and can be cooked in just about everything.

Cheese, milk and yogurt of all flavors are a good source of calcium, which strengthens the overall health of the teeth and the gums. Casein, which is a milk protein that is found in cheese and yogurt has been proven to reduce the loss of minerals from tooth enamel.

Water is the most important thing you can drink. By reducing stains, keeping you healthy, allowing the teeth to stay hydrated and maintaining a bright smile, water is a main player in tooth health. It is important to stay away from dark colored, bubbly drinks that can stick to the teeth and cause stain and erosion.

By simply adding these fruits, vegetables, water, and dairy products to your everyday diet, you can improve the health of the teeth and body. These foods allow your teeth to stay healthy and fight against harmful erosion and stain. Not only can you use these natural remedies to improve the whiteness of your teeth, but our office provides custom teeth whitening trays that can improve your overall whiteness as well. No one wants to go through winter, with stained yellow teeth. Stop into our office today and we can provide you with excellent teeth whitening services.

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